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Dr. Timothy Dauwalder: Hello there I’m Doctor Timothy Dauwalder, I medically direct The Vna Hospice & Palliative Care of Southern California. We just got done with a really nice, very well attended talk call meet the experts, it happens once a month, here in Claremont and it really talks on many things.

Today’s Topic is Cardiac Disease kind of an introduction to the broad sense of what that huge statement really means to each person.

The topic of heart disease is I think relevant to all people because we all know someone that has some significant heart disease even if there are no symptoms. So it’s difficult for me to just give you a PowerPoint and say these are early signs, these are symptoms you will have because it extraordinarily diverse and very physiologically complicated. One person’s heart disease is not a next person heart disease and one person’s risk factors are not your risk factors.

So when I give examples today and we just talk together try to keep in mind that the example I give may not be your example and may not correlate exactly to your story, but overall and that’s why we have two parts, is that in the end of this dialogue that we have together I hope that we have a dialogue truly where you ask me a question relevant to something that affects your life. But at the end of a complex decision process and discussion, you can figure out where you fit in this realm of risk of Cardiac Disease, prevention of Cardiac Disease, how to manage Cardiac Disease and just giving you a health plan.

Dr. Timothy Dauwalder: We have a second talk, kind of a part two of the introduction to Cardiac Disease, what it means to you, coming up October 24 at the same location and you can access, I think, our talk on YouTube and also you can look at our website for VNA Hospice and Palliative Care of Southern California and you can get some dates and future lecture times in a series that will hopefully go on really indefinitely that is called Meet the Experts and we’ll call different people in from the community, different Doctors, community resources and we just sit and talk and you know it’s structured lecture but very open to conversation.

Today is no exception to that it was really good conversation with those that suffer or were touched by heart disease. We talked about basic physiology of the heart and vessels so people have a better understanding of what may be affected in disease, we talked about basic names so people aren’t so intimidated. They can go and talk to their doctor about what might be needed, what it means in the broad sense to have high blood pressure (hypertension) to vascular diseases of different types, CHF (Congestive Heart Failure).

We talked about names that are common, we talk about medicines that are important, how to take medicines appropriately in the broad sense nothing specific and we also touched on, today, how important it is that if you have certain symptoms that manifest themselves that from my perspective indicate a possibility of cardiovascular problems that you see your doctor and even more importantly talk to him regularly about the way you feel on a broad sense and that seem to hit home today as well as the discussion of family history and how cardiac disease is the Number One (1) cause of death in America for men and women and it’s an often silent disease. Until we have modified system in the negative sense we have disease of untreated cardiac origin or cardiac disease origin.

So I think that was the main point of today, to get people empowered to discuss things with their doctor specifically about heart diseases, specifically about how it relates to them and to communicate symptoms that they might have been otherwise ignored that could be real indicators of disease and a real clue to the doctor of how to how to organize care for them to help improve the quality in their lives.

So Part two whether you went to part one or not the same kinda of broad topic on Cardiac Disease and how it relates to you as an individual and how to approach it if you are suffering and or diagnosed with heart problem ranging from: arrhythmias, heart failure, heart attacks there are many possibilities there. We continue on the 24th of October on how to cope with that and it’s not a singular answer, it’s such a broad disease. I don’t want somebody to listen to the YouTube videos and say these are absolute truths. These are broad categorical statements for a multitude of diseases that can be very complicated and they really need your doctor and you together to be accurately and appropriately treated.

So that’s really what I wanna support in Meet the Experts, not that I have every answer but that I support you and being educated, being an advocate for your own health and having a partner in your doctor.

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