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One thing to just touch on this before we move through the day today because I know your time … my time is probably up; your lungs, we call it cardio pulmonary system for a reason cardio heart pulmonary lung. The heart pumps blood which is oxygenated. It gets the oxygen from the lung. These are linked systems. If you have lung disease and it is not diagnosed appropriately or treated appropriately, it is intimately related to your heart function, alright. So do not ignore asthma because you can and often do have a modified heart muscles because you just or some modification because of your asthma or your lung tissue changes.

So, they are not separate systems. We are a unit and they are linked. If you breathe better, your heart doesn’t have to work so hard, right. So, I highly recommend exercise but I don’t want anyone here that’s not used to exercising to go out and overdo it. I want you to incrementally increase your exercise. Start with walking around the block. Do that for six weeks. For six weeks you are alive, then the next six weeks, it’s a block and a half or two blocks. Be very patient and all of a sudden, you could be periodically walking very quickly for miles from nowhere. So I think that’s very important.
Secondly, if you are weakened or have heart disease already and you know it, which are some people in the audience, there are a few things that I would try to avoid. In general, I would try to avoid poor sleep patterns. Try to really think if you are sleeping well if you snore, right. How do you sleep? Very important question!
The other is, don’t underestimate the power of mother nature, whether it is very hot or very cold, your heart has to work in a way that could be straining to you if you already have heart disease. So that’s reasonable. The number one time for certain folks that have vessel problems to have heart attacks in the Mid-West and in the East where it snows is, they go out early morning in the cold and they constrict their vessels and they have a heart attack. It’s avoidable.

Know your disease. Know what the limitations of your disease are and those weren’t meant to scare you, those were meant to empower you to make decisions that are good for your health. That doesn’t mean don’t exercise, clearly but know your disease.

Now I had a big list of things to talk about and there is no way I’m gonna talk about anything other than … I don’t even know one point on the graph; may be if we are lucky. What I would like to do in part two if you don’t mind and maybe there’s a way to do this and I have a blank piece of paper here. It says Physician progress and I’ll just ignore that. Maybe I’ll just put this in here and there’ll be a few pages … just put on here if there’s a disease you want discussed about treatments. We are gonna talk about treatments, right. If you want a disease explained and the treatment for that disease and I’ll pick the one that has the most hits.
So if you say high blood pressure or hypertension, just put it down even if I have ten of them saying the same thing instead of a tally system, put down what you want to know about on this paper. If you wish on the way out and then I can discuss that.

My job through the VNA and otherwise is dealing with modified heart muscles and modified circulatory systems that have been damaged by disease. Yes, being a 110, 105 and 95 means you could have a little bit of insufficiency in your heart, that’s not a disease, that’s being old, alright. And I’m not blowing that off. We still treat that, but sometimes it’s more than that and we need to understand if it’s more than that and what to do even if you are 105 and what medicine to take so these are questions. I don’t care what the question is. I mean except do I have pets or something, maybe that’s not the appropriate thing about heart disease and just put it on the list about the medicine, the name of the medicine. I don’t care what it is. Write it on here and I’ll try to incorporate it. I don’t even know when I come back, October 24, alright so maybe I do know when I come back.

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